Badminton Racquet Restringing

Time For New Strings?

Whether you have a broken string or just tired, dull strings that aren’t performing anymore, we can restring your racquet with a 48 hour turnaround. The cost of $35 includes the strings and labour. No tax will be charged.

Six Point Stringing Machine

We have a six point machine (meaning your racquet is secured in six places while we string it – most are two or four) that we have been using since 2009.

What string to choose?

Yonex BG65

Durability, Soft Feeling

The 0.70mm specially braided fibre increases durability and reduces string abrasion. The BG65’s all-around performance makes it the choice of the world’s top players.

Yonex BG66 Ultimax

Repulsion Power, Medium Feeling

The BG66UM has a 0.65mm thin gauge and the prefect balance of maximum speed, control and durability, making it the best choice for the world’s top players.

Yonex BG80

Repulsion Power, Hard Feeling

The high-modulus Vectran fibre is an advanced material wrapped around a strong multifilament core.

Are you ready to get some new strings?

Located in Port Williams, five minutes west of Wolfville.

Looking for Grips?

Yonex Super Grap – $3 per grip

Synthetic Over Grip

We also stock this award-winning product, known for it’s absorbency and durability. It was first introduced in 1987 and has been a popular choice amongst players of all levels.